State Representative

Priority #1

Families Safe

"As a public health researcher, I am committed to ensuring families, businesses and workers have safe, science-based options that allow our economy to recover."–Jaime

Meet Jaime

Jaime and her daughter, Leona.

Jaime believes the same things that make a good friend and neighbor make an even better elected official. Jaime plans to advocate in Hartford for the same things she has worked hard for on the local level in Ellington.

Jaime is:

a wife and mother
Here is Jaime with her husband Aaron, an engineer in East Hartford and daughter Leona who is almost 2.Here is Jaime with her husband Aaron, an engineer in East Hartford and daughter Leona who is almost 2.
Jaime will:

Champion for the well-being of our children; promoting educational opportunity and more local funding, to promote safety, health, and wellbeing.

Fight for our seniors, knowing that they are critically impacted by changes in electricity and heating prices, property taxes, and prescription prices.

Advocate for economic development opportunities in our communities.

Support local agriculture, preserve agricultural land, protect farmers and the dairy industry, and promote incentives to go green or biodigest plant waste.

Prepare for future pandemics and storms by promoting community resilience, strengthen infrastructure required during storms and pandemic times, improve the internet and technological capacity of schools and municipalities, improve education, communications, and outreach pathways, advocating for resources needed for safe re-entry.


”Jaime is someone with a clear dedication to community, and her history of advocacy will ensure that we have an effective voice representing East Windsor and Ellington in Hartford.”

- Jason Bowza

“I am proud to endorse Dr. Jaime Foster to represent the 57th district which includes Ellington and East Windsor. Jaime has the experience and values to represent us. Jaime will bring her family focused vision to Hartford. She is a philanthropist, has a doctorate, is an amazing wife, mom and friends. She has dedicated her life to public service and better our community to support hard working families like mine.”

- Sarah Cook


This campaign cycle Jaime will be running all over Ellington and East Windsor talking to residents and taking in the sites of our beautiful district.


Email: [email protected]

Cell: 203-313-4175